BDA Systems in Southeast Idaho

BDA Systems Are A Code Requirement

Omni Security Systems Inc. provides end-to-end bi-directional amplifiers (BDA) and distributed antenna systems (DAS) to maximize coverage range in different environments.

Many buildings have large amounts of people going in and out every day, including employees, visitors, maintenance workers, and security. Most people use cellular devices, which increases the need for added signal coverage especially since problem areas such as stairwells, parking garages, tunnels, and underground floors may not offer any reception at all. That’s why many buildings install distributed antenna systems and bi-directional amplifiers to increase wireless coverage. A Safety BDA-DAS in your building assists in ensuring that first responders remain in contact with each other during an emergency. Omni Security Inc. offers a free quote and evaluation for all your coverage challenges and offers custom design services and expert level code compliance.


BDA Systems in Southeast Idaho

Ensure that first responders remain in contact during an emergency situation.

Public Safety BDA-DAS installations are commonly required within new buildings, and as part of renovation permits or inspection certifications. Installing bi-directional amplifiers and distributed antenna systems is not only helpful for first responders in emergency cases, but they are also vital communication tools that increase productivity and safety for maintenance, engineering, operations, and security teams.

Amplify Public Safety Communication

Amplify your public safety communication through BDA-DAS solutions! Bi-directional amplifiers are signal boosters that maintain wireless communications throughout a building. There are two kinds of bi-directional amplifiers. One is used for two-way radios and the other is used for cellular phones. A cell signal booster won’t increase two-way radio coverage, so it is better to install each as a separate system. BDAs operate within a distributed antenna system, and together, BDA/DAS equipment is often referred to as in-building signal boosters. Omni Security Systems Inc. offers a variety of bi-directional amplifier and distributed antenna systems to increase the range of coverage. Most BDA-DAS solutions are uniquely-designed for different environments, and factors such as building materials, dead spots, and signal interference provide specific challenges. Omni Security Systems Inc. has years of experience deploying in-building wireless systems to meet most operating conditions.

Benefits of Public Safety BDA/DAS Solutions

After 9/11, it is now often mandatory to meet wireless signal strength standards on first responder frequencies, and most public safety radios operate on 450 MHz, 700 MHz and 800 MHz bands. A Public Safety BDA/DAS in your building aids in ensuring that first responders remain in contact with each other during an emergency, even in difficult places such as stairwells, underground tunnels, parking garages, and pump rooms. Boosting radio signals has a variety of benefits:

  • Increases safety for first responders
  • Helps public safety professionals in assisting building occupants and visitors
  • Improves personal safety
  • Minimizes the risk of property damage
  • Reduces the possibility of legal liability

When communication stops, it is frustrating for visitors and staff. On top of that, they may be cut-off from help in an emergency situation. Cell signals often diminish from network overload in a crisis and signal boosters can assist in maintaining coverage.

Omni Security Systems Inc. also offers BDA/DAS solutions to increase reception for phones and other devices that operate on cellular carrier networks. Contact Omni Security Systems Inc. for a free consultation, custom design services, code compliance expertise, infrastructure and installation assistance, and high-quality customer service.

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